Yoga Wheel

As its name suggests, the yoga wheel is like a wheel. It consists of a hollow round plastic wheel and is pasted with different soft materials, usually TPE, POE, EVA, natural rubber, or cork. Although it is hollow, it can generally withstand 150~180KGS weight, there will be no dents and fractures. Yoga wheels can be used to help deepen the range of backbend stretches, expand the chest, and train the sense of balance and core strength.

The biggest function of the yoga wheel is support, weight-bearing, and rolling. The yoga wheel can help deepen the stretching and stretching to make the body more relaxed and train the sense of balance and core strength. Let long-term practice will not cause muscle fatigue.

The inner wheel is usually made of ABS plastic with outstanding toughness and impact resistance making it strong enough to withstand body weight and will not easily break. For outer layer, there are various material options, such as TPE, POE, EVA, PVC, natural rubber or natural cork. Natural rubber is more expensive, and PVC is the cheapest. Users can choose suitable material according to their needs.

Whether it is a beginner or a yogi with a certain foundation, it is suitable to use the yoga wheel to practice. With the yoga wheel, it is easier for beginners to achieve a certain yoga movement and increase their sense of accomplishment. For intermediate and advanced yogis, you can use the yoga ring to practice more challenging movements to make the body line sculpture perfect.

You can use the yoga wheel at home by yourself, but if you have never used it before, it is best to ask a professional teacher, or sign up for a few yoga wheel courses, and wait until you have a high degree of mastery of assistive devices to be safer using the yoga wheel.

  1. It is the best to do exercises against the wall, beside the bed or with a supportable space, in case you accidentally fall off the wheels, you can rely on these to support your body at any time.
  2. Try to wear sports tights to avoid loose clothes that will roll up when rolling, which will affect the fluency and safety of the movement.
  3. Tie up your long hair as much as possible to avoid getting caught in the wheel and immobilizing when you bend back.
  4. Every time you change the movement, you must maintain a high degree of concentration, and then start practicing after stabilization, and pay attention to breathing.