Recycled EVA Yoga Block

  • EVA is a kind of recyclable & reusable material. By utilizing recycled materials, it helps to reduce waste and minimize the consumption of new resources. 
  • Most of the yoga blocks are made of EVA foam material, our recycled EVA yoga blocks containing recycled materials are made by incorporating crushed NG foam waste or discarded EVA foam products during the production process.  The colored speckles on the yoga bricks are recycled EVA materials.
  • Another way to make yoga bricks with recycled materials is to mix EVA with natural bamboo powder and rice husk powder altogether for foaming production.  This kind of yoga bricks does not add coloring materials, and the appearance is natural beige.
  • As a professional supplier of yoga products, Successful Mat hopes to reduce waste generation during production by recycling old materials for reuse to achieve the goal of green circulation and sustainability. 
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