Agriculture Greenhouse Sun Shade Cloth

Agricultural shade cloth is a special fabric that is mainly used to block a certain proportion of sunlight from reaching crops, plants and livestock in agricultural environments to provide shade for projects. 
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Agriculture shade cloth can bring the following advantages

  1. Temperature Regulation: Shade cloth helps maintain cooler temperatures during hot weather and provides insulation during colder periods.
  2. UV Protection: It blocks harmful UV radiation, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat stress in plants and animals.
  3. Water Conservation: By reducing evaporation, shade cloth helps conserve water, making irrigation more efficient.
  4. Crop Quality Improvement: It can improve the quality and yield of crops by providing optimal growing conditions and protecting them from environmental stressors.
  5. Versatility: Agricultural shade cloth comes in various densities and colors, offering flexibility in controlling light levels and creating customized environments for different crops or purposes.


  • Livestock Management: It's employed to provide shade and shelter for livestock, reducing heat stress and improving overall animal welfare.
  • Nurseries and Greenhouses: Shade cloth is utilized in nurseries and greenhouses to regulate light intensity and create optimal growing conditions for various plants.
  • Garden and Landscape: It's also used in home gardens and landscaping to protect delicate plants from excessive sun exposure and to create shaded areas for relaxation.