Synthetic Rubber Stretch Band

  • Size :
    Rehab: 0.5mm x 3.94"(W) x 71" (L) about  10cm (W) x 180cm(L)
    Easy: 0.5mm 4.73" (W) x 59.06" (L) about  12cm(W) x 150cm(L)
    Medium: 0.6mm x 4.73" (W) x 59.06" 
    Heavy: 0.7mm x 4.73"(W) x 59.06"(L)
  • Thickness : 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm
  • Material : Synthetic rubber
  • Color : 0.5mm x 10cm x 180cm(Tiffany blue), 0.5mm x 12cm x 150cm(Lavender purple), 0.6mm x 12cm x 150cm(Coral orange, Turkey blue, Cherry pink), 0.7mm x 12cm x 150cm(Magenta, Emerald)
  • Texture : Shallow texture
  • Free of natural latex
  • Not sticky
  • Not easy to break
  • The elastic loops provide resistance to help increase muscle strength. By stretching, compressing or twisting the elastic loops, you can effectively train muscle groups, resulting in increased muscle strength
  • Elastic hoops can help you increase your body's flexibility. The elastic loops provide slight resistance when performing stretching and stretching exercises, increasing flexibility and flexibility.
  • Elastic hoops can help improve your body posture. By stretching and stretching muscle groups, elastic circles can help you improve your body alignment and balance
  • Hoop exercises can help you increase your cardiorespiratory endurance. Through consistent movement and breath control, exercise hoops can effectively improve cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • Elastic hoops can help increase your body coordination. By performing hoop exercises on different planes, you can improve your body coordination and spatial awareness.