TPE Yoga Mat


This TPE yoga mat is suitable for all kinds of yoga training, Pilates, core rehabilitation, stretching, and camping. It is made of TPE environmentally friendly material and phthalates free, no heavy metal meets PAHs, RoHS and REACh testing standards, this TPE yoga mat sizes include 24" x 68" / 24" x 72" / 26" x 74". In addition to the above sizes, customized sizes are also available and can be printed with your logo using embossing, fabric woven labels, silk printing, and laser engraving processes.

TPE Yoga Mat Feature

  • Thickness: 5 mm / 6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm
  • Color: color option is available
  • Texture: various texture options
  • Provide a soft and comfortable practice environment, reduce the pressure on the body and reduce the discomfort during practice
  • The surface of the yoga mat is double-sided and double-embossed with an anti-slip design, which can provide good grip and avoid affecting the practice effect due to body sliding
  • Yoga mats can reduce joint stress and reduce the burden on joints due to exercise, thereby reducing sports injuries
  • 100% fully recyclable app
  • Easy to clean, can be washed with water or wiped with a neutral detergent to dry in the shade
  • High stability, comfort and safe

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